BagProjects are at the heart of the Great Salt Lake RC&D's action-oriented approach to sustainable solutions. Great Salt Lake RC&D Project ideas are initiated, developed and implemented at the community level, with assistance from the Great Salt Lake RC&D Council and its partners. Now you can DONATE online to the Great Salt Lake RC&D Council, Inc. or buy a great reusable shopping bag.

Project Idea Development
If your project idea matches the mission and strategic goals of the Great Salt Lake RC&D and you are willing to roll up your sleeves to see your idea through, we invite you to print and complete a Great Salt Lake RC&D Project Idea Development Form and contact the Great Salt Lake RC&D office to explore your idea.

Please be aware that the RC&D has many projects going at any given time, and that the RC&D's involvement in a project is a process which takes time and is dependent upon available resources on both the RC&D and the person who initiates the project idea.

Current Projects
The Great Salt Lake RC&D is currently helping facilitate several diverse projects, including:

  • Utah Home Performance - Rebates when upgrading your home's energy efficiency.
  • The Weber River Cooperative Weed Management Area
  • High Tunnel Pilot Project
  • Winter Air Quality Factsheet
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
    Connecting consumers with local farmers and fresh produce, the GSL RC&D has facilitated the creation and expansion of CSA operations around Utah. See Lettuce Connect Newsletters | 2009 Open House | CSA Utah Web Site
CSA Web Sites
Cricket Song Farm

KUER interview

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Bell Organic Gardens: Info - Signup

  • Emergency Watershed Protection
    The Great Salt Lake Resource Conservation and Development Council (GSL RC&D Council) is a 501(c)3 organization that works with communities to promote conservation, development and stewardship of natural and human resources, promote sustainable economies, and enhance the quality of life. Part of our mandate is to provide information about available assistance to communities impacted by emergencies created by natural disasters. There is a program administered by the Natural Resource Conservation Service called the Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWP). Your community may meet the criteria to qualify for the program as a result of the recent natural disaster. More information can be found at: If you would like to explore the potential for applying for one of the assistance grants, please don’t hesitate to contact our Coordinator, Jeff Williams, at (801) 263-3204 ext 104. He will be able to provide technical assistance and put you in touch with staff concerning the EWP program to see if your community could benefit from the EWP program.
  • Confederated Tribe of the Goshutes Reservation
    Minutes of Strategic Plan Meeting – November 17, 2006
  • Purge Your Spurge - Myrtle Spurge / Native Plant Exchange
    This April, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to rid your garden of Myrtle Spurge (or as some call it Donkey Tail Spurge) and receive free Utah Natives in exchange!  Myrtle spurge is a non-native, highly invasive plant that is rapidly spreading in our foothills and canyons.  Join the Great Salt Lake RC&D, Bonneville CWMA, and the Salt Lake Soil Conservation District, along with volunteers from the Utah Native Plant Society at the Millcreek REI as we work to protect our canyons by preventing the spread of myrtle spurge in our foothills.  On April 14 & 21, 2007 bring your bagged Myrtle Spurge to REI at 3285 East 3300 South where volunteers will be on hand to take your plants and give you up to five potted Utah natives in exchange.  In addition, learn about noxious and invasive species in Salt Lake and what you can do to help prevent their spread. For more information contact Salt Lake County Weed Program staff at 801-468-2861 or on the web at | Flyer | PRESS RELEASE | April 2007 Report
  • Leafy Spurge Mapping, Control, and Education
    This Pulling Together Initiative Project was a $13,850 grant award that the GSLRC&D received from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The project was developed to address the unknown impacts of Leafy Spurge within the Bonneville Cooperative Weed Management Area (BCWMA). Approximately 150 acres were surveyed for Leafy Spurge and approximately 35 Leafy Spurge infestation sites were mapped. Of the 35 sites, 28 were controlled. In addition to the mapping and control, approximately 6,000 brochures about Leafy Spurge and other noxious weeds within the BCWMA area were printed and distributed. Furthermore, a table top display was created to use at fairs and other events. The GSLRC&D and its partners provided
    $27,782.24 in match for this project -around ten thousand dollars more than the NFWF required. Map of Leafy Spurge Infestation in Salt Lake City. Educational materials are the first step in controlling invasive weeds. By educating the public about this threat, communities can more effectively reduce their threat to native plants and the local ecosystem. To print: Leafy Surge Poster | Leafy Spurge Mailer | Weeds Pocket Flyer
  • Deep Creek Watershed Sensitive Species Project
    Executive Summary
    Pygmy Rabbit Final Report
    Greater Sage Grouse Final Report
    Least Chub and Columbia Spotted Frog Report
  • Jordan River Natural Areas Forum (JRNAF) -The GSL RC&D is part of this voluntary coalition of communities and agencies promoting the preservation, restoration and management of the Jordan River. See water conservation tips at Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District .
  • Weber Watershed Plan - Restoring, protecting and maintaining the water quality of the Weber River Watershed in coordination and cooperation with local watershed committees operating in the Weber Basin.
  • The Bonneville Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) - Cooperation among land managers and owners within a given area, such as a watershed. These areas replace jurisdictional boundaries in favor of natural boundaries that facilitate cooperation, coordination, and implementation of effective integrated weed management programs for listed noxious and invasive weeds.
  • Great Salt Lake Bird Archive
  • People's Market - The market is an opportunity for residents, local growers, and city-wide consumers to come together for good food and great bargains on locally produced items.
  • Utah Home Performance - Rebates when upgrading your home's energy efficiency.
  • Germania Dirt Trail - A little series of singletrack loops which lies alongside the Jordan River in Murray, and connects to the Jordan River Parkway trail.
  • Community Fire Planning - As Utah continues to grow in population, more people are relocating into rural wildland urban interface areas. Wildfire preparation and response information will potentially help save lives, natural resources and help strengthen a grass-roots effort within the state to change community apathy toward wildfire preparation and response. Click for sample Completed Community Fire Plan.
    In 2005, the Great Salt Lake RC&D Council sponsored a two day workshop in partnership with Utah Forestry, Fire, and State Lands and Community Solutions to achieve the following goals:

    a) organize a community fire council
    b) increase community wildfire awareness
    c) activate community members to implement firewise activities
    d) develop a community wildfire plan
    e) explore funding strategies
    f) implement firewise projects and methods to sustain community wildfire preparation and response efforts.